“I love BLUE MOON! Jeremy and I speak twice a week to discuss Blue Moon Acres 100% organic products - micro greens, mezze greens, arugula, spring greens, kale, red peppers, turnips, fingerling potatoes, fennel, French radishes, Jerusalem artichokes, etc - whatever is in season and available!”


“Hesh’s Seafood provides us with fresh seafood. I talk with Dick practically every day and he helps me purchase high quality wild, organic & local (whenever possible) seafood.” 


“Their story began 1909 when Mary Fulper moved to Lambertville, NJ and brought one cow with her, where her family started growing vegetables.  With the family run farm now spanning generations; their dedication to producing fresh farm dairy products while protecting our earth is truly inspirational for us as we begin our journey.   Visit their website and you’ll be able to meet one of the lovely ladies who provided the milk used in the deductible cheeses we have incorporated into select dishes.”


"Olive Oil Etcetera provides our specialty oils and vinegars and is a located just around the corner in Doylestown.   The owner’s Christina & Christopher Haber share a love of good food and are passionate about bringing high quality domestic olive oil and imported balsamic vinegar products to the area.  They personally visit the groves in California that provide their domestic olive oil.  Now that is amazing!"

“I would always visit Small World Coffee in Princeton, New Jersey and when I opened the Panini shop, I knew I wanted to introduce them to my customers. Not only is the quality amazing, they also offer organic and Fair Trade coffees.  Right now we serve the Organic Love Blend and our customers seem to Love it!”

“Paula and I have been growing our relationship since the Panini shop and when I was getting ready to open the restaurant, she and I worked on exclusive recipes for the kitchen.  She is a small local baker and provides excellent service and products.  I recently shared something very near and dear to me – my great grandmother’s biscotti recipe.  It is one of a kind and I want our guests to enjoy it as much as I do.”

GOLDEN BLOSSOM HONEY -  Family Owned and Operated since 1921
“JP (John Patton) is local to Doylestown and I got to know JP and his sons through our original Panini shop where they would frequent for lunch.  I use Golden Blossom Organic Honey exclusively because I believe in supporting local businesses and the quality is unmatched. I’m truly honored and very grateful for his friendship and generosity in supporting Genevieve’s Kitchen.”