Tuesday through Friday 11 am to 2 pm
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s t a r t e r s     

soup 10
creamy corn chowder
arugula 13
fennel, parmesan, tomato, aged balsamic, EVO *
local baby greens 13
watermelon, fetta, toasted almonds, serrano citrus vinaigrette *
crostini 12
pesto ricotta, heirloom tomatoes, pancetta, shaved parmesan, EVO *
rock shrimp dip 14
rock shrimp, asparagus, leeks, black pepper bacon, mascarphone, boursin, focaccia

s a l a d +

grilled chicken +5
grilled shrimp +7
poached egg +2
lox +7

l u n c h  

lobster grilled cheese 16
lobster, spinach, boursin, fontina, citrus aioli, side salad
turkey club wrap 14
grilled turkey, heirloom tomatoes, crispy prosciutto,, arugula, bruschetta, side salad
veggie burger 15
grilled corn, zucchini, red quinoa ,blueberry goat cheese, side salad
rock shrimp tacos 16
sautéed rock shrimp, wild rice, cucumber slaw, salsa fresca, fries
ravioli 23
artichoke stuffed, citrus serrano pesto, corn relish, parmesan, EVO * add sausage 3
flatbread 14
poblano pesto, grilled corn relish, vampire slayer cheddar, basil,18 year balsamic *
kobe burger 16
fontina , arugula, tomato, frizzled onions, special sauce, fries
kale caesar 16
baby kale, grilled pineapple, pecorino, focaccia crisps, grilled shrimp
chicken salad 14
sourdough bread, soup & salad

s i d e 

truffle fries  |  9
french fries  |  6
grilled bread | 2

* Complemented with high quality oils & vinegars from Olive Oil Etcetera in Doylestown

Please no substitutions All meals are made to order
Our menus are seasonal and ingredients may change

Consuming raw or under-cooked meat, poultry, seafood or eggs can increase your risk of food-borne illness.